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Coaching for individuals / organizations and groups

Coaching is exploration, discovery and creating in partnership with a coach – who guides and helps as a catalyst as you plan new or altered journey. Mentoring is more direct support and guidance.

As a practitioner of applied positive psychology and coaching psychology, I have been trained in different coaching methods, each of which with a basis in science and psychology. This means I am able to tailor our time together to the best methodology for your needs and following methodology with research and evidence behind them.

Positive psychology within/connected to coaching psychology & mentoring encourages improvement and empowerment towards improved well-being, increased performance and life satisfaction. This can support a pathway to achieving life goals and ambitions and helps us live the happiest and best life possible.

As coach, I help create a transformational space where you can consider your objectives and make a pathway towards them. Along the way, you - as the client (individual or organization) - determine the steps of the journey and how you want to achieve them.

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