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Positive Coaching Centre

Positive Coaching Centre Philosophy

The vision of this practice is to provide English speaking course, positive psychology based coaching, mentoring and consulting on any topic.

The mission is to be a partner to the client on their journey as they set and achieve goals, create new mindsets, take new pathways and find new tools.

Positive Coaching Centre

Positive Coaching Centre is a practice specialising in positive psychology applied through coaching, mentoring and consulting and it's the best for providing English speaking course in Copenhagen as well as in online globally.

This practice is run by a qualified positive psychology practitioner and coach.

Positive psychology focuses on maintaining and improving your well-being and performance.

This is done through use of your strengths and enhancing positive behaviours, thoughts and practice.

Some of the benefits of working with
a positive psychology practitioner and coach

  • Goal achievement
  • Improved self-belief
  • Discovery of strengths
  • New mindsets
  • Increased sense of engagement
  • Development of resilience‚Äč
  • Discover your values and purpose in life
  • Renewed optimism
  • Improved performance
  • New ways of dealing with stress
  • Manage life and work changes
  • Start on new pathways

Click here for our specialized performance, resilience and wellbeing coaching site for adult and mature students

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